The Dangers of Being Overweight
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The Dangers of Being Overweight

This article examines how being overweight, as determined by the Body Mass Index, can have a detrimental impact on an individual's well-being, potentially leading to heart problems and diabetes. It also considers how being overweight can affect an individual's emotional state as well, since being overweight is something which affects many people's self-esteem and sense of worth.

Nobody wants to believe that their size could end up shortening their life, but this is, unfortunately, the case. The trouble is that if you're carrying too much weight, your body will pay for it in the end. Your vital organs have to work so much harder and your joints come under a great deal more pressure than if you were a healthy weight and you find yourself developing diseases which could have been prevented if you had looked after yourself better. Thus, if you find yourself classed as overweight or obese, it might be time to take action to change the situation.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is generally used to determine whether you fall into a healthy weight category. It is not a perfect measure of whether you're a healthy weight or not, since it takes into account your weight in relation to your height, but does not take into consideration your muscle mass. However, you only have to look into a mirror to see whether the weight you're carrying is muscle or fat! At least the BMI gives you some indication of a healthy weight range for somebody of your height, so that you can give yourself a goal to aim for.

If you decide to ignore your weight, you could be storing up problems for yourself. Although you may appear to be in good health now, you don't know what impact your weight is having on your insides. Unfortunately, if you eat a high-fat diet and rarely bother to exercise, the chances are that your arteries will become clogged and make it harder for blood to pass through your veins, while your vital organs will become covered with fat. Consequently, you could end up developing heart disease or suffering a heart attack or stroke; whilst you are more likely to develop diabetes and complications associated with this condition.

Clearly, then, being overweight could make life extremely difficult for you in the long run. If you develop health problems, such as heart disease, you will find yourself needing to make lifestyle changes, if it is not already too late. To stop your health deteriorating so that you find yourself forced to take action, you need to be proactive and get on top of your weight as soon as possible. If you fail to address your weight, you could find that your health problems stop you from living a fulfilling life. You may be forced to quit your job and find it difficult to do everything you want to do.

If you are unable to play with your children or go on holiday because your weight is holding you back, this can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and overall emotional state as well. Even if you're a happy person and confident about your body, this confidence can take a serious knock when you start to develop health problems and become heavily reliant upon other people. It is therefore worth acknowledging that there are dangers of being overweight, especially if you are significantly so, as this may give you the motivation needed to change things.

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