How To Deal With Children Obesity
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How To Deal With Children Obesity

Obese children is not their choosing. As parents, you must lead by example, remove any junk food in the house and promote healthy living as a family efforts to keep away children obesity.

Children obesity is becoming a big problem. In our present day affluence society, more and more children are overweight with the changed life styles. For example, in US, the rate is alarming: one in three children is overweight. This problem, if left unchecked would have detrimental effect when these kids become adults.

One important advice to deal with children obesity would be: precaution is better than cure. Yes, addressing any problem would be better to nip it at the bud before it is full bloom. Hence to prevent more overweight adults, it would be better to inculcate good dieting habits when they are young. Yes, children at least are more compliant than most adults. Good habits must be started when you are young.

Present life style in the developed countries are more easy going, with technology and machines helping us and forced us to lead a more sedentary way. We no more need to sweat to go from one place to another, to toil from dawn to dusk doing menial labor, and send our children to school instead of the farm, or mine, or some low paid child labor camps. Our kids with these blessings, would just be potato couch and glued to the television set, or indulge in computer or video games, munching junk food like snacks and sodas. How not to become obese children?

Parents are the key links to their kids well-being. Pampering them by providing them with food stuff that they like, and unhealthy activities would inevitably make children obese. Two action plans must be taken concurrently. One would be to remove any unhealthy snacks from the house. Another would be to make your kids exercise. This may sound easy, but it would take a constant regime to enforce them.

Make sure your home do not keep junk food, and do watch out on what your kids eat. It is what they eat that causes children obesity. Encourage them to drink plain water than to offer them soft drinks. Prepare snacks or lunch for them to bring to school, with fruits to go along. Bring them to the supermarket and point to them the unhealthy food, and educate them on the importance of vegetables and fruits. Show them the calorie table, and the benefits of balanced diet. All these would be tedious and a lot of explanations are necessary, but this is for the long haul. Your children will appreciate you later that they are not part of the statistic of children obesity.

Participate in outdoor games like Frisbee and baseball, with your children, or ask your kids to do simple errands like washing your car or run the dog would help them to burn calories. A short jog or cycling around the neighborhood prior to dinner would also help to bond the family and burns calories. Walk the stairs instead of the lift or escalator and bring them to your local gym to make them appreciate the results of working out. Perhaps you may want to buy those small trampolines and the whole family can enjoy at your back yard.

One of the most important things to think about is always to lead by example. So as parent, you should not indulge yourself with food that you do not wish your child to follow you. If as adult, you cannot resist the temptation of junk food, how about the young children? You are the best role model for your kids, so be a good example for them to follow. Then they will in turn, be good parents for their children in future. They will prevent children obesity to run in the family.

Remember, obese children will not only have more diseases like diabetes and heart problems, but also suffer from low esteem from within themselves or from the jeers of their peers. So please help them as parents to shed those unwanted pounds. Give them your guidance and supports. They need them!

Help other parents to reduce children obesity by sharing your advice or just pass them this article. They will appreciate it.

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Comments (1)

Interesting and informative article. Generally as parents, we will indulge them with things that they desire, without thinking of the consequences. Such parental love could actually harm them if they are not screened especially for food.