Four Tricks to Prevent Obesity
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Four Tricks to Prevent Obesity

Obesity is becoming a global threat by the minute. But you can fight it off easily with four simple tricks.

Obesity accounts for 365,000 deaths in the US, and a million more in European countries. Statistics suggest that Asians suffer with less cases of obesity because of their healthy diet, however, obesity is also starting to invade China. Even though obesity is still under control in other places around the globe, it wouldn't take long to become a worldwide dilemma.

Obesity is becoming a global threat by the minute. But on the bright side, it can be prevented. Here are some dietary tricks in order to prevent cases of obesity before it is too late.

Obesity Trick #1

Food does not prevent obesity--a mere statement of fact--but moderation does. As you may already know, certain food groups pose a higher risk of obesity than others. But it doesn't mean that if you refrain from eating oily foods, you can stay fit for the rest of your life.

Obesity Trick #2

Know your tendencies. Some people are more genetically prone to obesity than others. In most cases, it can be easily noticed by just looking at a person's physical attributes. Height, roundness, weight, bulk of arms, shoulders, legs, hips--this can all help you pre-determine if you are genetically susceptible to obesity.

Obesity Trick #3

Move about. Can't you find time enough to exercise? Or, is your schedule too hectic to get gym sessions?

Scientifically speaking, exercise is just a way of burning your excess stored energies so that they don't clump up as fats. But the same energy is consumed over the day without you actually noticing it. Simple motions like lifting a finger, walking, stretching your feet, standing up and walking in circles will consume stored energy.

You don't need to jog inside your office. You can close the door and walk in circles, or pick up a book and read while walking about the room. There are so many other things you can do that doesn't require the hassle of gyms, but works to prevent obesity much the same way.

Obesity Trick #4

Do not overdo a calorie-counting diet. Counting calories is the most public method of preventing obesity while keeping a fit body. Based on expert analysis, the success rate of a calorie count diet is less than fifty percent. Why so? The answer is impatience.

People feel inclined to rush on the diet and cut as much calorie as possible, even if it means compromising their daily nutrition needs. Also, overdoing a calorie diet will only pent up cravings. Usually calorie diets would last about one or two weeks before a person gives up, and start gorging himself on the kitchen.

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Comments (1)

DONT EAT MEAT - especially if its not organic.. livestock producers pump loads of growth hormones into their animals (particularly chicken and beef) and as such people who eat that meat tend to "grow" too.