Four Contributing Factors to Weight Gain
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Four Contributing Factors to Weight Gain

Weight gain is an epidemic with many contributing factors.

Weight gain is a problem gripping the nation and the world. Weight gain can be something that can be a concern simply due to the fact that their are health problems which go along with weight gain. There are many reasons for people who might have gained weight. Weight gain is not as cut and dry as actually modifying our diets accordingly and increasing our exercise intake. Although lack of proper diet and lack of exercise could be a contributing cause its not the only contributing cause to weight gain. A multitude of other causes and factors facilitate the potential for people who will gain weight. The four contributing factors to weight gain may be genetics, a reaction to medication, illness, and stress.

Genetics will be an element that contributes to weight gain. For many families, there is a history of health problems that have to deal with weight gain. Genetics play no small role in the heavy weight gain and studies show that genetics will result in struggles. Suffering from weight gain becomes more apparent through the history of one's family and genetics are factored in.

Medication may cause an adverse reaction that will lead to weight gain. Doctors list side effects for medication as weight gain. Reactions will vary based upon different types of medication but at the cost of curing illness, weight gain can occur. A medical professional will inform their patient about whether weight gain can be a potential side effect towards the medication that they are taking.

Illness has the ability to cause weight gain. The human body will go through changes when ill. Organs that aid with digestion could be compromised. This leads to a further retention of water weight. A common cause for weight loss through illness is a problem with the thyroid. Thyroids help the body properly digest the food and when the thyroid is compromised, uneven digestion is likely to be the result.

Stress is the final contributing factor towards weight gain. When individuals cave under the strain of their lives, they may sink into a depression. Even if those people do not sink into a depression, they will feel the need to eat to ease the worries they may have. Massive amount of over eating based upon depression or stress is a cause for weight gain. Even without over eating, stress has the ability to cause illness and as established, illness can potentially be a cause of weight gain. Stress will cause adverse effects on many parts of a person's health.

The four contributing factors with weight gain have been established and discussed, with genetics, reaction to medication, illness, and stress being the factors with weight gain.

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