5 Bizarre Eating Disorders You Should Be Aware Of
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5 Bizarre Eating Disorders You Should Be Aware Of

Millions of people around the globe suffer from various eating disorders. While some eating disorders are commonly addressed by health and fitness experts, there are those that fall under the bizarre category. A recent study revealed that most eating disorders are life-threatening so if you think you suffer from one, get help immediately. Here are 5 of the most bizarre eating disorders to date.

1. Pica

Pica is a bizarre eating disorder wherein those who are afflicted with Pica have the endless desire to eat non-food items. These items include soap, cigarette butts, cereal boxes, cleaning products and even paint. This is a dangerous eating disorder as one can easily die from the dangerous chemicals found in such items. There are also extreme cases of Pica that involves eating sharp objects such as needles and nails.

2. Night Eating Disorder

Those who suffer from Night Eating Disorder do not eat anything in the morning. It is during the night that they eat uncontrollably, consuming more than half of their calorie intake. Having this kind of disorder entails a lot of health conditions, the mildest of them all being insomnia where you stay awake throughout the night just to eat.  Severely obese people are prone to this kind of eating disorder.

3. Body Dysmorphic Disorder

This type of eating disorder is like being blind to exactly what your body looks like. When you look at the mirror, you see a fat person when in truth you are as frail as a bamboo stick. Those who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder also focus on the various ‘supposed’ defects in their bodies such as having bad breath, crooked nose and body odor. Body Dysmorphic disorder is associated with insecurities wherein one believes more on what others think about them than what they actually are.

4. Anorexia Nervosa

A person with Anorexia Nervosa suffers from an addiction that is as strong and as deadly as drug or alcohol addiction. The desire to ‘Not Eat” is so strong that those who are afflicted with this eating disorder will do anything just to prevent themselves from eating. Although there have been cases wherein someone with Anorexia Nervosa recovered and was able to live a normal life, it is a lifelong struggle that needs constant intervention because it can be triggered again.

5. Bigorexia

There are more men than women suffering from Bigorexia. Bigorexia is more than just an eating disorder. It is the overwhelming desire to build muscles by excessive workout, taking health supplements and restrict diet. While this may not look bad at first, those with Bigorexia will not stop working out even when they already have a perfectly sculpted body. The sad thing about this eating disorder is that it is often unaddressed since men are less prone to admit about having this illness than women.

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